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If you think you really know Javascript, read this

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What a bold title for this book series! Let me tell you that even if you have lots of years of experience with Javascript, at some point, you will end up agreeing with Kyle.

Getting these books in your hands feels like you won the lotto. The first thing you do is go to the dealer and get that Ferrari you've always wanted.

- Or a

These series of books come with ravaging knowledge. There's no room for doubts after you finish reading them. They start with solid foundations and build their way up to objects and classes, sync & async, and finally diving into more advanced concepts like async flow control, APIs, metaprogramming, and ES6 features.

- So can I read these in any order?

If you already know Javascript and have been working full-time on this language for some time (years preferably), then feel free to jump into any chapter. Otherwise, it's better just to read it in order.

- Refresh my mind, what kind of things can I learn?

Learn about scopes and closures. The sometimes confusing "this" keyword. Learn about prototypes, coercion, asynchronous javascript, and promises. There is a delightful chapter about testing and performance, ES6 features, APIs, and metaprogramming.

If you want to learn more about Kyle Simpson, visit his website here.


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