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A good primer for your coding interview

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The word algorithm has always sound magical and scary to me. Learning a bunch can make you feel like a wizard with a bag full of Adamic tricks and a magic wand.

- Then...we come to the problem of not feeling smart enough.

You can do this!! But you will need patience, determination, and constancy. Trace your goal, and enjoy the journey. That is what will take you there safe and sane.

This book will help you get a robust knowledge of everything you need to know about computer algorithms. So you can get that FAAMG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google ) dreamed job.

- Great, how do I start?

If you are not familiar with Python, then read Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will teach you Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) design patterns and principles, inheritance, shallow and deep copying.

Chapter 3 looks like a math crap. They go over the seven functions used in the book, only to show you what they mathematically represent. How is that useful to me? I'm not sure. They also mention the big Oh notation and some examples of algorithm analysis. I still find this specific chapter straitened in its objectives.

Chapters 4 to 8 are very robust! These will teach you a bunch of cool things about recursion, array-based sequences, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, all really good stuff. Do the same with Chapters 9 to 12

The rest of the book after Chapter 12 goes into a bunch of text processing and graph algorithms that I find kind of too deep for my understanding. If you want to become a competitive programmer, then yeah, learn all of this -hate to say- crap.

Look at this book as that useful reference when you need to learn or refresh your knowledge on a specific algorithm problem. But don't put too much effort into thinking you need to understand every single thing in this book. It's not necessary. If you want to prepare for a coding interview, then go to AlgoExpert. They will teach you everything.


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