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Happy coding everyone!
In accordance with basic FTC law, DevGadgets is required to disclose that there are certain product links on website (and emails) in which DevGadgets earn a commission for any purchases you may make.

Hold up -- Does this affects (me) the visitor using you website?.

Absolutely nooope, but we want you to know this business practice is called affiliate marketing.

Basically, DevGadgets have unique links for certain products/services and when a person clicks and buys said product, Devgadgets receive a small commission. It's similar to how salespeople at certain clothing shops (think you fav car dealer) get commissions based on their total product sales. Except DevGadgets is doing it online.

Our goal with this blog is to provide our personal experience and expertise on a wide variety of technology products that we have tested, such as gadgets, books or courses.

As much as we love to share all this info totally free, writing a trillion of articles on a gazillion topics all day is a harsh task. We do have expenses, which is the reason why we include affiliate links for certain products/courses/services.

We recommend only the products or services we think are the best.

Please do not spend money on any products, courses, books or services mentioned on the site unless you feel you need them or they will aid in reaching your goals.

A few of the affiliate programs DevGadgets is currently enrolled include:

  • Udemy
  • WesBos
  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udemy

We take complaints very seriously. If you have any questions about why or how we use affiliate marketing on the site , please contact us by email at
We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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