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This smart desk from VIVO will boost your health by 25%.

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Vivo Standing Desk
Vivo Standing Desk

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Smart desks today are expensive, we all know it. If you are willing to spend big chunks of money on one, let me know and I'll write you a poem about Amazon. For example, the Autonomous company offers many of them with interesting options. You can take a look at them here.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable desk at a decent price, with the option of a custom wood tabletop where you pick the size, - I got mine at IKEA for example -, then you came to the right place.

The disaster of my old desk

Take a look at a photo of my previous old desk, as you can see it was a mess. It was small, and I couldn't fit too many things around like an extra monitor, a pair of headphones, etc.

The next photo is how your desk might look like after getting the Vivo Standing Desk Frame, with an IKEA wood countertop table, and the Vivo monitor stand. Look at this wonder for the modern work-at-home human.

The tabletop of your dreams

Let's start with a tabletop that you can find at IKEA. At the time I bought the IKEA table, I chose the Hammarp model, which is made of Oak. But, if you don't find it, you can choose any color/model here.
Make sure you choose a model that's not above 85'' long, since this Vivo frame can hold a length between 41'' to 85'', a width of 23'' to 44'', and a thickness of 3/4'' or greater. I personally like Karlby and Saljan but you can get anyone you like.

Optionally, you can buy if you wish a 60'' x 24'' inches universal tabletop for this frame, made also from the Vivo company here. With a similar price and nice rounded edges, it is also an alternative but they use what it's called 'engineered wood' - also known as mass timber or man-made wood -, which is probably not as good quality as the IKEA tabletops. Alright, that's all you need regarding the tabletops, let's take a look at the VIVO desk frame.

A smart ergonomic desk frame

It comes with a single-motor electric engine and all-steel construction capable of holding up to 176 lbs. They have a 3-year manufacturer warranty but, and above that, they have an amazing support team, and you will want to know why. The other day my desk was stuck at a specific height, I couldn't get it to go lower beyond some point, so I started to chat with one of their specialists and they were able to help me super fast. That's something I value a lot after I purchase a product.

S is for Smart craftmanship

The smart control panel comes features an elegant touch screen with a timer to remind you to stand throughout your day. Also, has 3 memory presets to easily find your ideal height and a nice power saving mode feature that automatically activates after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Additional accessories

It also comes with a cable management rack 23'' x 4'' included to help keep cords organized, but you can buy an additional one and install it on the back of the table for another extra cable management solution here.

For your favorite headphones, they also sell this ergonomic black metal clamp-on headphone holder. And as you see in the picture, it can hold a variety of things. I strongly recommend you to get it here.

Later on, you can even add cool led strip lights like these ones here. They will set up the right mood for you to work, play, or do anything you want at your desk.

Gift yourself a new start today

Time to make your workspace cooler my friend. I'm leaving you here at the end of the full list of everything you need so you don't go crazy scrolling up and down. Peace ✌️ 🦄

  • Vivo Desk frame on Amazon here.
  • IKEA tabletop here.
  • Universal tabletop from VIVO here.
  • Additional cable managment rack here.
  • Clamp-on headphone holder here.

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