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Waldo Lavaut

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Amazon Bestsellers IOT Devices for Christmas 2020!

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Amazon Best-Seller IOT Devices
Amazon Best-Seller IOT Devices

Amazon IoT Best Sellers

Let's go straight to the point. All these cool devices can be boring as hell if you don't have a clear plan on how to use them. So let me show you some of the cool stuff you can do with them to automate a bunch of things on your smart home or office.

- How does these devices work?

Well, the gist goes like this. First, your voice commands to - Alexa, Google or Siri - are converted into text. Second, a Skill Interaction Model engine will attempt to recognize and analyze your text (previous voice). Third, depending on what you are asking, a Skill Application Logic engine will trigger a function that will return some results.

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