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Your next favorite keyboard has finally arrived!

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the Logitech Mx Keys
the Logitech Mx Keys

$98.63 USD

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There is an old saying that goes like this:

A little axe can cut down a big tree.

This extraordinary keyboard can certainly cut down a lot of frustration. It was designed for creative minds and engineered for developers. I've had a few keyboards, starting with the Apple Magic keyboard, pffsss...nothing magic about it. Later on a mechanical one from Azio, which was much better but too noisy, and now the Logitech MX Keys. Gosh!!! it lets you type like a real ninja.

- although ninjas probably don't sit on computers.

So what you love about it?

Let's start with the soft, fluid, precise stroke keys. The spherically dished keys - kind of a mouthy word ha - match the tip of your fingers, and with rounded edged provides a very satisfying feeling. So not only are they keys completely out of this world, they are almost totally silent...did you hear me? But, if you wanna bang your keyboard, well...that's up to you.

A keyboard with comfort and stability

Most keyboards -including the Apple magic one- are pretty weightless, I guess they cut on quality materials for cheaper and more accessible ones, but this one my friend, this one is one of a kind. The entire body of this keyboard is held together by a single metal plate. So be very careful with that cup of coffee...this keyboard doesn't slide easily.

coffee too close to keyboard
- You see the picture above? Don't make that mistake with this keyboard...just saying

For an extra slide of the pie, you can get it together with the MX Palm rest -which I also bought- to have soft and comfy support for your palms while you write the code for the next Facebook.

Smart 'illuminati' keyboard

I should say instead 'smart ass illuminated keyboard'. The MX keys come equipped with proximity sensors that detect your hands to illuminate the keys the moment your fingers approach. Say what? Yep, and they fade off when you leave your desk. This makes this keyboard a smart ass power-saving device. Even more, the backlight intensity adapts to lighting conditions in the room. So...yes, this keyboard is 'illuminati confirmed'. Tell the Apple magic mouse to do something like this...yeah right.

Works in multiple computers

Now I'm really gonna blow your mind. Pair this keyboard with a Logitech mouse like the MX master 3, and guess what? It follows your mouse from one computer to another.

- Wait a minute...I need time to digest that

As you hear it, even to transfer files between @Mac and @Windows operating systems, but both computers need to be connected to the same Wi-fi network.

USB-C rechargeable

According to the Logitech manufacturer, it can stand a hurricane category 5 for 10 days on a full charge, and up to 5... -Did I said five?- ok, so yes, five months with backlighting turned off. The recipe is simple, charge it with a USB-C cable, and enjoy it from 10 days to 5 months, with or without a hurricane.

- I'm kidding about the hurricane though

Technical Details

  • Connect via the included USB receiver or Bluetooth low energy technology
  • Easy-switch keys to connect up to three devices and easily switch between them
  • 10 meters wireless range
  • Hand proximity sensors that turn the backlighting on
  • Ambient light sensors that adjust backlighting brightness
  • USB-C rechargeable. Full charge lasts 10 days – or 5 months with backlighting off
  • On/Off power switch
  • Caps Lock and Battery indicator lights
  • Compatible with Logitech Flow enabled mouse

One specifically designed one for Mac

And last but not least, I have good news for the macOS® and iPadOS® ecosystems lovers. Logitech went above and beyond to design specifically one with a Space Gray finish. So now it matches the color of your new expensive unicorn 🦄 💻 Mac Book Pro, iMac, MacBook, or iPad, take a look at it here.

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