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Meet Tyler McGinnis

Tyler McGinnis

He's my favorite teacher. Period.
I love the way this guy teaches. Tyler has mastered an exquisite teaching style combined with an incredible methodology to explain things just better and easily break them apart. His personal writing style is instantly recognizable, it is crazy how easy he explain difficult and/or intricate Javascript concepts.

Tyler found his love for teaching at DevMountain, where he was lead instructor and curriculum engineer. He's a Google Developer Expert and is entrenched in the React community organizing React Utah, and running React Newsletter.

He has a lot of free content available in different platforms, check out his medium blog posts, his instagram javascript tips, definitely checkout his youtube channel, or learn even more from his Egghead series.

He's also the creator of the popular React + Firebase library called Rebase which combines the benefits of React and Firebase by allowing each component to specify its own data dependency.

Without further due, here's en excerpt of some of my favorite courses available at , which is his current platform with an outstanding curriculum.

Tyler McGinnis‘ Courses

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